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I'm Melissa Holt.

Graphic Design. Marketing.

Social Media Management. Website Management.



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Melissa Holt
Graphic Design. Marketing. Social Media & Website Management.

I have been the Communications Specialist for the Village of Pinehurst since 2016, handling all facets of external communications, including marketing the Village’s event venues: the Pinehurst Harness Track, the Village Arboretum, and the Fair Barn. In addition, I developed the Village’s line of logo merchandise sold in the Welcome Center and have been responsible for the line’s marketing and sales. Since 2014, I have been responsible for the Village’s social media presence, growing the Village’s Facebook following from 420 to over 16,000 today. In 2019, I chose to freelance for the Pine Crest Inn as a way to experience communications and marketing outside the government realm.

I have found a passion for finding ways to connect with an audience, especially digitally, which led me to the UNC Chapel Hill Master’s program in Digital Communications, where I recently completed my first semester.

Working for the Village of Pinehurst and Pine Crest Inn, I find my most important job is telling their stories. Through photography, graphic design, website design, and social media, I tell the story of what it means to live and work in the Village of Pinehurst and what it means to be a part of the historic Pine Crest Inn. I would love to help your business share your story and connect with customers.

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